Tuesday, November 10, 2015

When there's no school in the middle of the Week

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tomorrow is Veterans Day, so there's no school tomorrow, in the middle of the week––who knew that it could feel so good to have a day off on a Wednesday?
It's actually a nice little break.

That's not really what the day off is for. I think a lot of people forget that because we're really selfish beings that need to make an effort to be unselfish, and that's okay––nobody's perfect. We're selfish from the moment we're born, I mean, didn't our parents really have to teach us that we have to share our toys (hopefully)?
I guess this all depends on what you believe about virtue. Evident in Plato's Meno, the origin of virtue is as conclusive as is the beginning of time. There's the opinion that we are born with virtue, and the opinion that we learn virtue.
Just some food for thought.
If you haven't read Plato's Meno, the link at the bottom. This may seem a little boring, but it is rather interesting and I guarantee you that you'll run into it again sometime if you ever take an English or Philosophy class in college.

So which is it? Are you born with virtue or do you learn virtue?

The world may never know.



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