Monday, April 11, 2016

Senioritis Much?

Yes, senioritis is a very real trend in our modern world education system, and it happens to even the most motivated of students. The only thing to be careful of is letting your grades slip a little more than you should. It can be dangerous for your whole future.

Okay, now that I've given you the mini-lecture that all teachers give us seniors, let's just think about why this happens. . .
1) You've gotten into college. Why does the rest of high school matter?
2) You're going to college.
3) You're going to college.

That seems to be the whole goal of high school, or at least that's what our schools teach us. But they're wrong. High school, or education in general, shouldn't just be because you're striving to go to the next level of education, but also because you want to learn, because the world is a better place when we are education. However, it's difficult to think this way when, from the time you're in elementary school to your last year of high school, they give you reasons like "because you need to pass this test," "because you have to get into college," or "because you need a job to make money."  What they really should be saying is this: "We are all trying to survive in this world. And we all find our own way to survive somehow. We are educating you about what the world has to offer so you can eventually make the decision for yourself."

That's what education is really for: making decisions and making changes. Because if we are not making progress in our lives, living in a static state, are we really experiencing life for what it is? Life is anything but static. It's always going to change, and we're always going to have to choose how we deal with those changes. Then again, I'm only eighteen and am just ending my senior year of high school, what the hell do I know?

So are you really going to just give up for the rest of the year just because you made it to that goal of getting into college? Are you really going to just wait out the time until summer . . . living in static . . . or are you going to keep going, keep changing, keep progressing? Because the days are going to pass by you whether you want them to or not, and before you know it you'll be graduating (hopefully) and you'll think about all the time you could've have been doing something more useful than waiting for summer. If you're not going to do school work, at least spend time with the people you love, with people you may not ever see again. You never know what could happen.

I don't know if any of that actually made any sense, but I guess it's just something to think about if you're thinking, "What's the point?" And not just if you're a senior in high school officially going to college, but if you're just thinking the point of trying. There's always a purpose to try. You just need to find that purpose that means something in your heart.

Your heart is your greatest source of power.



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