Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Day Dreamer Diaries

That's the title of one of my books that I haven't gotten around to finishing. It's basically about what the title implies: the mind of a day dreamer.

I day dream a lot, and sometimes it distracts me from class, the real world, the sad realities, the rage––anything negative. It's hard to explain how deeply you can escape in a day dream. I'd say it's like escaping in a book or TV show, except you're the one controlling the whole story. I think we like to be able to control things, because then we don't really have to be afraid of everything plummeting on a downwards spiral.

My day dreams are often about the current book I'm reading, except I'm in it. Plot twist, right?
Perhaps we choose books based on what we want to day dream about, or maybe that's just me. It's probably just me.

That's how I write books. I create a world that I would want to live in, which might make it sound like I hate myself because the main characters in my stories have had pretty crappy lives, but the thing is is it's more real because I've had some crappy moments. With those moments, the good is more real, more . . . attainable. I can pretend that one day, I might be this character that's finally found herself and falls in love and saves the world.

That's why writing is so personal: it's revealing a part of the author. We may not know exactly which part that is, but it's there. We all desire to be in a world better than the one we live in. That's why there are writers and readers.

Writers are day dreamers. They're the people who sit in class or can just lie down and be watching a movie without anything but their mind.

I don't know if that's a good or bad thing.


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