Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I'll Give You The Sun

Last night, I stayed up until past 1am just to finish a book I started earlier that day called I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson. I think this is the first time in a long time that I've read a book with both a beautiful story and artful writing. I feel as if I literally just read a piece of art, and that's what literature is––art.

The story isn't typical. It's about two twins named Noah and Jude, who have this loving connection that only two siblings (or more like only twins) could have, and how tragedy drives them apart, but love and forgiveness brings them together (not giving anything away though). Yes, they both have their love interests, but the story isn't surrounded around the love interests, it's surrounded around them, around who they are and how these two try to find themselves as individuals despite the fact that they've been NoahandJude their whole lives. They even have this thing they've done since they were little where they split up the world. Originally, Jude had the trees, the sun, the oceans, the stars, and the flowers, but she wanted this drawing that Noah had created so badly that she traded the trees, the sun, the oceans, and the stars for it. Noah gave her the sun. Later, someone tells Jude she made a bad trade, and she needs to find the sun again. Don't you see? She was lost without the light, that's why things went dark. It's so clever and charming. Nelson really has a knack for tying nature and art together as if they were one (which I believe they are).
And most importantly, it's about art, the true meaning of art. I don't think I could ever write down what it was like for me when I would draw or sketch anything on a piece of paper, but Jandy Nelson was on point with her descriptions. I just can't get over how beautiful this work was, and I cannot use any word except "beautiful" because no other word is appropriate.

Anyway, I just had to share this, because not sharing this would be selfish (but please don't ruin it with your silly fandoms like people did with John Green's The Fault in Our Stars).
You know, I may have found this book in the New Teen Fiction section at Barnes & Nobles, but I have feeling, one day, it will be literature.

Jandy Nelson gave me the sun.

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