Monday, November 7, 2016

Waiting for the Great Perhaps.

Sometimes you just have to wait.
But don't waste your time while you wait.

While you wait for whatever you're waiting for, go out and live. I know everyone says "Just live," and it's not as easy as it sounds, believe me, I know. But you have to do it anyway because that's the only way you'll be able to get through the wait.

The time will tauntingly tick away if you just lay there until the happy holidays arrive, until your friend comes over to hang out, until the girl or boy texts you back––life is too fucking short to just wait for good things to happen. You have to seek out happiness because it's not going to just fall into your lap from the sky. That's not how life works. That line from Looking For Alaska by John Green––"I go to seek a Great Perhaps––" says it all. GO to SEEK––these are active verbs, which means YOU must be actively doing things in order to find GREATNESS. YOU have to make things happen, you can't WAIT for life to make things happen for you.

Now, I'm saying all of this because I've noticed that people, especially now with the holiday season upon us, say "I can't wait until _______ !" You don't have to wait. You can enjoy the present presents, not the future presents, because you can enjoy the future presents in the future; you can only enjoy the present while it is present.
I'll let you think about that for a second.
What can you do in thirty minutes? In an hour? Probably an episode of a TV show on Netflix, right? Sure, I guess, but is that really going to get you any closer to your "Great Perhaps" ? Anyway, let's make a little list. (Most of these are things I would do, but maybe some of them are the same as yours).

- Workout
- Read a chapter or so of a book you've been meaning to read for months (or years).
- Try to climb a tree
- Download some music on your phone
- Clean your room
- Decorate a part of your room
- Write
- Draw/Paint
- Call a friend and catch up with them
- Go for a walk and see where you end up
- Research random information
- Watch a Ted Talk (I personally find these as a source of learning so it's not technically "junk" TV)
- Text your friends and hang out
- Hike (Off-trail for you daring people. Just don't get lost.)
- Talk to someone new
- Shop
- write a song and then never finish it
- Go to a music shop and try to play all of the instruments
- Write a bucket list
- Go to a sports game
- Play an easy-going game of soccer or baseball or whatever with friends but get fired up on the competition
- Go to the humane society and gawk at how cute the dogs are
- Take the personality on because it will change your outlook on yourself (might need to take it a couple of times for accuracy)

L I V E while you W A I T.

If you guys want, you can comment below and suggest something for the list. I'm sure everyone needs some more ideas besides mine because I have a rather odd idea of fun. I made this post because waiting doesn't have to be boring. It doesn't have to feel like waiting at all. And there are things in this life worth living for, you just have to find them. You can't wait around for them.
Maybe there is such a thing as fate and destiny, maybe not, but why wait around to find out when you can literally just go out and find the thing you were looking for in the same amount of time?

Seek a Great Perhaps and it will seek you in return.




Anonymous said...

Watch makeup tutorials!

Anonymous said...

I like to solve math problems ha